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Lexmark Enterprise Software (Perceptive/ImageNow) E-Forms

“The e-forms that Shamrock designed and published do exactly what we need them to. With them, we’re able to better manage check requests, capital expenditure requests and transferring inventory between locations.”

Renee Dinh, Programmer Analyst, Christie Digital

Another way to enhance your Lexmark enterprise content management software (formerly Perceptive Software and ImageNow) is to add electronic forms, or e-forms. Our team of experts can remove hassle and delays from the process, creating e-forms using a mix of HTML, XML, XSL, and integrating with your other systems and workflows using iScripts.

Any e-form you can dream up, we can and probably already have created. Some of the basic functionality includes doing database lookups and auto-indexing custom properties and index values to the document keys, which minimizes human effort and error during data entry. More advanced functionality includes integrating e-forms via web services to push and pull data between electronic forms and your applications and databases to reduce user effort and increase data accuracy. We can also integrate e-forms directly with your host applications.

In addition, we’re helping many customers integrate e-forms with Lexmark’s Intelligent Capture (formerly Brainware). Through such integration, you can more easily extract data and make it immediately usable in the workflows and systems that drive your business.

E-forms are yet another way that we can further customize your solution to meet your organization’s current and future needs. Just like we’re meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of these companies.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you take your Lexmark enterprise software project to another level.