Fix Package Mode capture into a Content Model

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The “ImageNow Capture – Advanced” series of postings by Shamrock Solutions is intended to provide ImageNow Administrators with simplified solutions to normally difficult or impossible metadata capture. In this example the document is being captured via ImageNow Package Mode into a Content Model. The problem:

  • The “Document NAME” is the only value that makes a document unique in the Content Model, document keys no longer determine uniqueness.
  • PackageMode cannot set the Document Name to contain a Unique ID per page so there is the possibility of documents getting MERGED.
  • PackageMode Capture can only set a Unique ID value one time at capture (as the Application Plan executes). And you’ll note in the image below that setting a Unique ID cannot be done via the GUI otherwise.

The Answer: We use a vbscript in the Application Plan that Package Mode is executing to generate a Unique ID into the “NAME” field, and set that vbScript to execute PER PAGE so that each page can remain unique i.e. Photo ID’s and Insurance Cards captured at the same time.

Set INObj = GetObject(, “imagenow6.CtrlPanel”)
inviewer = INObj.INGetViewerInstance(2)
scanningDocName = inObj.INGetUniqueID(2)


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