Health Checks

Lexmark Enterprise Software (Perceptive/ImageNow) Health Checks

“With one Perceptive Content production issue, Shamrock’s team started resolving it at 4 a.m. our time, and by the time our employees came into the office, it was fixed. They’re extremely responsive.”

Gordon Bone, Manager – Business Intelligence Solutions, Ledcor

If you’re new to Lexmark enterprise software (formerly Perceptive Software) or have had it since ImageNow 5.X, it’s important to know that your environment is up-to-date and ready for anything you throw at it. We get many requests for our Health Check, which is like a 50,000 mile service for your process and content management system. We comprehensively explore your environment and make recommendations on how to optimize it ensure you’re deriving maximum benefits, cost savings and return on investment. Only Shamrock’s unique Health Check includes:

  • Performance review of all your agents, servers and databases
  • Deep dive into all of your ini files and recommend what you can change to make your system most efficient
  • iScript review to ensure your scripts are using the latest functionality not generating unnecessary logging
  • Workflow process evaluation
  • Disaster recovery review
  • Security review to make sure your files are encrypted in all situations, even at rest (when they’re most vulnerable)

At the end of the process, we’ll provide you with a fully documented action plan so you can get more out of your investment. We can assist you with the changes if needed, or you can tackle some on your own. Don’t take our word from it. Instead, see what our customers have to say.

Then contact us today to discuss how we can help you reach the goals of your Lexmark enterprise software project.