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ImageNowLexmark enterprise software (formerly Perceptive Software and ImageNow) was a solid investment. Now is the time to make the most of it. Shamrock is a leading professional services and solutions provider that helps you achieve your ECM goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Our team of project managers, consultants, iScript developers, technical architects and trainers partner with you to keep your Lexmark | Perceptive |ImageNow projects on track, within budget and within scope. We can start your project in days, helping you realize a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Our professionals possess strong technical skills honed over many years of working with Lexmark, have deep insight into business requirements, and follow implementation best practices.

We are keenly aware that adoption of content-document management technology is a purposeful, organizational commitment, so we work closely with you to ensure that deployment strategies and resource commitments are well-planned and supportable.


To discuss any of the below packages, please send an e-mail to our Sales Department or call 913.221.8383 and a Solutions Specialist will assist you.

Implementation and Support Services
Implement and configure a new installation or build onto your existing solution to expand quickly to new departments.

Project Management
We have the proven ability to manage any size of project with our experienced team members, who can provide remote and on-site assistance to suit your specific needs.

Advanced Workflow and Custom iScripts
Take the time and effort out of your scripting solution and leave it to our Special Ops Team to design and automate even the most challenging workflows.

Upgrade Services
Upgrade your existing environments to the latest build. An upgrade planning engagement typically results in a five-part strategy:

  1. Current state assessment
  2. High-level infrastructure design
  3. Migration approach
  4. Detailed project plan
  5. List of recommended next steps

Enterprise Strategic Planning
Create a long-term plan to support current business operations, provide tangible ROI, and unlock competitive advantages.

Health Checks
We can comprehensively explore your environment and make recommendations on how to optimize it to ensure you’re deriving maximum benefits, cost savings and return on investment.

Create a customized plan and provide your users with on-site user/administrator training, so that your company can get up and running quickly.

Disaster Recovery
Are you prepared for the unthinkable? Does your current architecture support compliance regulations? We can provide you with a plan to ensure business continuity in any circumstances.

Back File Scanning
Quickly get your legacy documents into your content repository and make the data usable from the get go.

Custom Experience and Web Portal Development
Remove the unnecessary work from your workflow—and add flow—so you can work faster and smarter. For example, seeing all content activity for a process in a web-based, email-like inbox.

We can remove hassle and delays from your forms processes, creating e-forms using a mix of HTML, XML, XSL, and integrating with your other systems and workflows using iScripts.

Intelligent Capture (Brainware)
Make sure Intelligent Capture is implemented and integrated quickly, correctly and cost-effectively. We’ll automate invoicing, streamline transcript processing, speed application handling and more.

Nolij Web Conversion
Now that Lexmark is sunsetting Nolij Web, colleges and universities are coming to us to migrate their content management platform to the latest versions of Perceptive Content and Experience.

Staff Augmentation
We can help you monitor ticketing systems, assist with project management, manage upgrades and expansions, handle user requests, train staff and more.

Success Stories

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