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Perceptive iScript – Lexmark Enterprise Software

“Shamrock finished our ImageNow scripting and e-forms in less than a month, which was ahead of schedule. The fact that they had two professional services projects running for us simultaneously and were able to stay organized and responsive with both impressed me.”

Candace Appleton-Kuntz, Director of Admission Information Technology, Texas Christian University

Perceptive iScript


Perceptive iScript development is the key to unlocking all the capabilities of your Lexmark enterprise content management software (formerly Perceptive Software and ImageNow), and to you getting maximum return on investment from your ECM project. Scripting can also help customize out-of-the-box features to meet the unique business needs of your organization. An iScript is its own programming language that allows you to do things like:

  • Database lookups and business system integration (Oracle, Lawson, CampusVue, Epic, etc)
  • Workflow automation, data exchange and integration with your e-forms
  • Script re-indexing
  • Simplify conversions and migrations with custom import/export scripts
  • Automation for heavy implementations to create users, groups, workflows, permissions, tasks, projects, etc.

You can also squeeze more value out of your Lexmark enterprise software with our range of custom solutions, which we developed in response to requests from organizations like yours. These solutions include:

  • Data Migration– Migrate content out of one environment (production) into other environments (test or other systems). This includes moving all necessary annotations and metadata.
  • Compliance Agent – Auto-redaction of all SPII information in your system to help you pass security audits and prevent costly data breaches.
  • License Monitoring – Ensures you’re only being charged support and maintenance for the number of licenses you’re actually using, alerts you when you’ll soon need additional licenses and allows you to see how your licenses are being used across your organization in real time.
  • And much more…

We could tell you all day how great we are, but we prefer to let our customers do the talking. Please take a minute to read their stories .

Then contact us today to discuss how we can help you get more from your Lexmark enterprise software investment.