Shamrock Solutions has years of implementation & support experience specific to some of the industry’s best software solutions.

Better visualization, control and reporting to ensure that your team is following the proper business processes. 

Seamless content capture of your physical and digital documents, providing you management, storage, and delivery across your organization. 

Convert handwritten, typed or printed text into searchable data, eliminating human error and the need to hand-key or classify documents. 

Ensuring your data is secure and the content on your documents does not have personally identifiable information (PII) that could cost you millions. 

Seamless content capture, management, storage & delivery across your organization.

Convert handwritten, typed, or printed text into searchable data.

Create a direct connection between all of your business transactions and any document types that exist to support them.

Fast automation of repetitive processes for higher efficiency, low-cost code and better reporting.

Manage important case information via multiple sources in a single place.


If your business process automation isn’t working well, it’s not working at all.
Experience the kind of automation that makes work easy with Shamrock Solutions.



Some of Shamrock Solutions' clients: AMC, Allianz, Amerilife, Central Piedmont Community College, Cerner, Children's Mercy, Commonwealth Health, Cornell University, Forrest T. Jones, Good Samaritan Hospital, Harvard University, HSN, University of Kansas, Labcorb, Loyola University Maryland, WWE