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  • Have you ever had one of those embarrassing “first day” blunders at a new job that still pains you to think about? I’ve had a few, but the one that springs to mind came right after I started my second job. A colleague (and now long-term friend) asked me what an “ISIS driver” was. That question alone haunted me for …. Read More

  • With the digital world continuing to evolve, it’s key that you’re meeting accessibility standards and ensuring the information you are sharing is accessible for all. This means there needs to be a focus on the design, development, functionalities, content, and usability of your website and forms solutions. In case you weren’t aware, today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Now …. Read More

  • Prior to version 7.0 of Perceptive Content (formerly known as ImageNow), combo licenses required an additional setting in the configuration file to allocate licenses between the ImageNow Client and WebNow. Combo client licenses are a fully dynamic pool in version 7.0 and above. This means that as users log into the thick client or WebNow, the licenses are drawn from …. Read More

  • How many different places do you store work-focused unstructured data? For many people, handwritten notes, digitized ones in OneNote or Evernote, cloud-based storage systems such as Dropbox and Box, and productivity software is merely a partial list. This varies from person to person and department to department across most organizations. Managing such disparate information is challenging enough, but securing it …. Read More

  • Whether you are ready to begin your next project or just starting the planning phase, remember to spend your resources wisely. Even with a sizeable staff, it’s impossible to come up with a list of “things we could do” and check all the boxes at once. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. This means you need to find …. Read More

  • In the digital age we live in today, software applications are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, both from a personal and professional perspective. From apps on a phone to software tools used in the business world to programs that run vital medical equipment in hospitals, technology is literally everywhere. One aspect of this pervasiveness that is often overlooked …. Read More

  • Team sports have gotten a bad rap recently. You’ve probably seen articles bashing an over-emphasis on putting your kids in too many activities, and shows like the HBO documentary Trophy Kids showcases the kind of psychotic sideline behavior that makes us all reluctant to be one of those sports parents. Of course, some people do push their kids too hard …. Read More

  • When you’re a rookie salesperson right out of college, you’re invariably confident in your ability to take over the world. After all, you’ve got this freshly minted degree from a good school, boundless energy and a solid work ethic. But like Ryan Howard in the classic episode of Office titled “The Initiation,” you need to recognize that actually, you have …. Read More

  • In the increasingly competitive growing marketplace, companies of all kinds and sizes are trying harder than ever before to make themselves standout. From flashy online ad campaigns to blitzing social media to pulling crazy PR stunts, organizations will seemingly go to almost any lengths to get ahead of their competitors. But beyond the hype, there is a simple way to …. Read More

  • In many organizations, there’s a profound disconnect between the sales and project management departments. Of course no salesperson in their right mind wants to tell a customer “no” or keep them waiting longer than necessary for a project to begin, but it’s no use for your sales team to promise the Earth if the development team can’t deliver it. Every …. Read More