Common config changes in Unity Client Deployment

Customizing the Unity Client in Hyland OnBase can provide myriad benefits. These include the flexibility of conveniently switching between multiple languages for a multi-national or multi-lingual client base, deploying a customized website as a launch page, and integrating RSS feeds.

All these changes and more can be made in the Obunity.exe.config file when deploying the Unity Client. If using the deployment wizard, make sure you make the needed adjustments before publishing the “click once” deployment.  The Obunity.exe.config file will be located in c:\program files (x86)\hyland\unityclient once in the deployment tab, is located under the current users login profile. Please note that we recommended you make a backup copy of the config file before making any changes.


Changing Unity Client Home Page to another launch page

  1. Within the Obunity.exe.config file, locate the “Websites” element.
  2. In the Websites section, change the Website name to the name of the site you wish to point this page to.
  3. In the URL field, change this to where you want this to point to( see examples below).
  4. Save the Obunity.exe.config file

With Default Settings:

After Changes to set to

Changing or Removing RSS Feeds

  1. Within the Obunity.exe.config file, locate the “Feeds” element.
  2. In the Feed URL Element, change it to the feed of your choice, or remove the Feeds element completely to take it out of your deployment.



Altered from Original Feed:

Changing Unity Client to a different language

  1. Within the OBunity.exe.config file, locate the “DisplayLanguage” element.
  2. Remove the comments in the Config file using the instructions below.
  3. Modify the language to your choosing. For a list of available languages click here:
  4. Save the Obunity.exe.config file.



Modified to Spanish and comments removed:

By Bruce Jackson

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