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Shamrock’s Intelligent Data Extraction for Accounting


Shamrock Solutions supports a variety of financial department solutions for accounts payables, accounts receivables and remittance processing. These solutions address a range of processes including invoice processing, audits, account openings, expense reporting, payment options, customer engagement, and order entry.


All accounting procedures, especially remittance and AR/AP processing, are critical to any organization’s financial well-being. Manual data entry of invoices is an inefficient, expensive, labor-intensive and often error-prone process. Slow and mistake-laden document processing lengthens payment cycles, reduces staff productivity, adds late payment penalties and causes missed early payment discounts. Additionally, it can also be difficult to track the status of these documents in real-time when they are not automated. These challenges can put your company’s rating and regulatory compliance at risk, increase missed opportunities and create unnecessary penalties.


The Solution


Shamrock Solutions Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable Solutions expedite invoice processing while alleviating tedious manual data entry and errors. The platform automatically recognizes invoices and accurately reads critical data elements including line items. A comparison with your accounting LOB systems using database lookups and even using fuzzy logic and further validate the data, so it is applied correctly into your ERP.

Documents and images are normalized, processed and then classified through patented machine learning algorithms for maximum efficiency. Our classification and data extraction technologies allow organizations to automate and streamline document-based business processes. In fact, the more data and documents that systems ingests, the faster the system “learns” thereby increasing its value over time.

Every mistake using manual data entry costs your company valuable time and money. Shamrock Solutions can instantly and accurately extract the data from the entire invoice, including line-by-line items. The system will validate this data with your vendor, purchase orders and receipts databases, flag exceptions and then direct the extracted data to appropriate internal systems for processing. Your accounting team can now eliminate manual data entry duplications and delays and focus on more critical, high-value tasks.




Shamrock Solutions empowers financial departments by providing the tools for managing paperwork faster with less effort while pinpointing process bottlenecks to yield higher data accuracy. Our software helps you meet stringent SLA goals, yields payback in months, not years and enables auditability and compliance review. Here are some more key benefits:

  • Improved cash flow management and compliance
  • Accelerated invoice processing
  • Increase early payment discounts; capitalize on dynamic discounting
  • Accurately classify, separate and extract data from documents automatically
  • Machine learning algorithms teach systems with only 1 – 2 document samples
  • Simple integration into ERP and compatibility with other lines of business systems
  • Fast and easy implementations
  • Greater visibility and data quality
  • Improved employee productivity and job satisfaction
  • Recognize ROI in months


To learn more about elegant technology automation for Accounting by Shamrock Solutions, download our white paper or send us a note via our contact us page.

More human than capital. More person than resource.


The workability of human resources (HR) is at the core of any medium-to-large sized company, representing the ability to attract and recruit key talent responsible for creating the sellable product or service. In that experience, operating in a state other than Zen can cause issues that have a negative impact on HR – hurting the organization as a result.


Fortunately, Shamrock Solutions has been creating Zen-like technology experiences for HR teams for years, empowering HR professionals to spend more time architecting solid teams and less time managing unworkable HR processes. With Shamrock, you can squeeze every ounce of speed and value out of your ECM software, enabling you to achieve deeper integration between your human capital management (HCM) system and content management applications to make informed hiring decisions.


Value Proposition: 


  • Electronic completion and capture of forms and documents
  • Create efficiencies in the processing and collaboration of documentation
  • Improve HR and employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce costs associated with distribution, tracking, management and storage of documents
  • Provide reporting for employment and regulatory obligations
  • Automate updates to significant employee data and documents
  • Centralize documents from other applications into the Content Services repository to create one access point to the complete employee file


Successful Implementations:


  • Plan comprehensively – make sure you are thinking about future documents, future processes and future implementations in HR
  • Use dates to help with reporting, retrieval, and retention
    • Application date, hire date, effective date, termination date
  • Keep indexing consistent across all your drawers so that someone who has access to multiple cabinets will see the same information when searching across documents
  • Include information about the employee, manager and organization structure in your custom properties. This will allow you to provide secure access to the documents that should be seen by these individuals.
  • Gather your documents now and begin organizing them. Make sure you have consistent naming conventions throughout your organization.
  • Document your process. Most people are able to identify some increased efficiencies once they put it on paper and ask “why do we do it this way today?”
  • Think about all the departments who contribute to and utilize the employee file when designing your solution
    • Payroll, Benefits, IT, Security, Accounting, HR, Managers/Depts

Mailroom Automation Solutions

Shamrock Solutions’ Smart Capture® mailroom automation software helps businesses
automatically classify, separate, sort and extract data from paper, fax and electronic documents.
Shamrock Solutions makes business critical information available to business processes and
customers faster and more accurately.


The Challenge

Mailrooms have the potential to be plagued with a multitude of problems. Mailroom Clerks often
have time consuming tasks such as opening, recording and labeling all incoming documents. They
often must identify, sort, photocopy and deliver mail to several departments, sometimes in different
cities or even countries, which is yet another process. What happens if an invoice or payment falls
through the cracks and vanishes? Or even worse, a critical time-sensitive document? The best
business decisions depend on thorough and timely information. When important mail is waiting to
be processed, it slows down the entire company. From new orders, approvals, contracts and other
important documents, decision-makers can’t afford to wait for information.


The Solution

Smart Capture automated mailroom technology precisely and quickly identifies and sorts
documents based on its content through its patented machine learning technology. The platform
distinguishes between invoices, orders, payments, contracts and any other forms of mail without
inserting patch code pages or separator sheets. Your manual mail document/distribution process
can be transformed into an accurate, well-structured and productive method. Shamrock Solutions’ automation software delivers verifiable results to provide complete visibility into incoming documents and information through our Smart Capture user-friendly interface, enabling companies to track, review and modify their data. By automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from incoming documents in paper and electronic formats, our Smart Capture solutions can identify the information you need without manual data entry, without time consuming document sorting.



Large organizations that have numerous remote locations, either domestically or across the globe,
will have no issue processing their incoming mail documents. That’s because Shamrock Solutions’
Smart Capture® automated mailroom technology is 100% web-based, either on premise or in the
cloud. The flexibility to access information via any workstation around the globe without installing
or updating software at each station is a critical benefit. A digital mailroom represents a giant
advance in productivity for an organization. The power of the Smart Capture Mailroom Automation
workflow lies in its streamlined functionality and incredible ease-of-use. Here are some more key


  • Centralized mail system for greater visibility, accessibility and data quality
  • Accurately classify, separate and extract data from documents automatically
  • Reduction of mailroom costs
  • Machine learning algorithms teach system with only 1 – 2 document samples
  • Simple integration into ERP and compatibility with other line of business systems
  • Fast and easy implementations
  • Improved employee productivity and job satisfaction
  • Decrease internal inquiries with faster mail processing
  • Recognize ROI in months


To learn more about elegant technology automation for Mailrooms by Shamrock Solutions, download our white paper or send us a note via our contact us page.

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