At Shamrock Solutions we always look forward to opportunities to interact and get to know our customers and discuss how Shamrock can help add efficiency and productivity to your business processes. 

Shamrock Solutions at Hyland's Community Live

September 12th, 2018

Shamrock Solutions is excited to be attending the Hyland Community Live conference this year and we look forward to chatting with current and potential customers attending the conference. Please come and have a drink with us at the Happy Hour event! 

Shamrock Solutions at the American Royal

September 14th, 2018

Shamrock loves Kansas City and, of course, BBQ! Shamrock Solutions will be hosting a tent at the American Royal BBQ in September. We would love to invite all of our partners, clients, and prospects to come out and hang with the Shamrock team and enjoy some BBQ, cocktails, and entertainment. Reach out to Tyler with any questions. Don't miss this event! 

Please RSVP to Tyler Groepper at

Past Events

Cutting Paper at the Source with Shamrock Forms

Paper forms are a pain for everyone. So, we decided to make collecting and managing information fast and simple. Shamrock Forms can automatically pull in data from other back-office systems so both your users and staff can complete forms quickly without having to add redundant information. This enables time savings across your organization and helps to streamline your internal processes. This includes Grade Change Forms, Declaration of Majors, Dependent/Independent Verification, and Request for Graduation Forms.

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Streamline your Back Office with Shamrock Forms

Have you been wanting to organize and streamline your back office for a while - but haven’t quite got around to it? Or, is it just that it’s become too big a task? Through a combination of leading technology, industry expertise and proven success, Shamrock can help to streamline these document-intensive processes and make them more efficient. Your back office can do more with less, Shamrock Forms provides the most direct way to cut costs and generate lasting efficiencies across your organization. This includes documents such as Onboarding or Offboarding docs, Vacation Requests, or Travel and Expense processing.

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Revolutionizing Your Accessibility Strategy

With the digital world continuing to evolve, it’s key that you’re meeting accessibility standards and ensuring the information you are sharing is accessible for all. Shamrock Solutions Vice President Tyler Groepper and JADU Vice President John Euston discuss the needs to focus on the design, development, functionalities, content, and usability of your website and forms solutions. They’ll discuss the importance of accessibility according to WAI & W3C.

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Electronic Signature with Shamrock Forms & AssureSign

Thanks to the birth of electronic signatures, you can now sign a document quickly, securely and without having to print, sign and scan back! Learn how Shamrock Solutions Forms clients are truly breaking free from paper and implementing eSign technology to create quick eSignature documents in just minutes, without sacrificing security. Whether it be Dependent or Independent Verification or any other equivalent to a wet signature, we’ll have an answer for you in this webinar.

Guest speaker Michelle Cloninger, Director of Growth & Strategic Partnerships from AssureSign discusses with Shamrock Solutions Vice President Tyler Groepper and JADU Vice President John Euston the new e-Signature technologies available and how you can apply them within your organization using Shamrock Forms.

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