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Automation That Works

If your business process automation isn’t working well, it isn’t working at all. Experience the kind of automation that makes work easy with Shamrock Solutions.

More Efficient Mortgage Processing


Shamrock Solutions works for the financial services industry to save time, cost, paper, and hassle from the traditionally paper-centric task of mortgage processing. Up to 57% of home buyers combine in-person conversations with prospective lenders and hard copies with online applications, creating a disparity between face to face and virtual interactions – hampering the need to process both paperwork and electronic documentation.


Historically, it has been difficult for mortgage brokers to deal with this paper / electronic documentation challenge, with most defaulting to slow, manual processing or rudimentary capture products that can only manage a limited number of document types. Until now. Shamrock’s end-to-end offering turns the promise of a totally digital mortgage processing solution into a reality. Only Shamrock’s solution can help mortgage lenders to:


  • Identify, classify, separate and organize loan applications automatically
  • Route loans to the appropriate processor for immediate attention
  • Utilize fixed form extraction, table extraction, database lookups, and FuzzyDB extraction to enhance the accuracy of OCR
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention with faster processing by eliminating paper-related delays
  • Remove manual tasks, allowing staff to concentrate on providing exemplary service
  • Expedite deployment by up to 80% using 600 mortgage-specific templates out of the box
  • Take advantage of a SaaS model that pairs the convenience of the cloud with the flexibility of a subscription pricing model


If you’re interested in learning more about this powerful mortgage processing solution from Shamrock, or if you’d like to see a demo, send us a message via our contact us page.

Total workability = better patient outcomes. 


Shamrock Solutions is helping clients enhance data acquisition and sharing with a batch capture solution that automatically classifies documents and eliminates the need for time-consuming document preparation. Another of the company’s unique products is enabling healthcare providers to capture paper EOBs and convert these into Electronic Data Interface (EDI) files that allow automatic reconciliation in the billing system, leading to an accelerated revenue cycle.


Traditionally, when documentation such as invoices, patient records, and student applications are received, a staff member manually prepares batches with patch codes or barcodes that separate them by an individual person and document type before scanning them into the enterprise content management (ECM) system. This is a time-consuming, frustrating and error-prone process that prevents expert staff members from focusing their efforts on high-skill tasks. The scale of this business problem is magnified with larger batches and in areas of high document throughput, such as medical records/HIM in a hospital, admissions at a college or university, and accounts payable (AP) at organizations across all industries.


Shamrock’s batch capture solution solves this issue with a sophisticated automated document type classifier. Now, a staff member can quickly scan an entire batch without the usual up-front effort. The system automatically classifies every document, making it easy to pinpoint information in the ECM repository later. Personnel are no longer wasting time on menial, document-related duties. Instead, they can focus on value-add tasks. Faster availability of scanned information speeds turnaround time, improves service to patients, students, customers, and vendors. And data accuracy is improved as there are no longer any errors from human intervention in the process.


Another innovative Shamrock capture solution expedites EOB processing for physician practices and hospitals. Certain ECM vendors provide an add-on that receives EOB information sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), sends it into the ECM application, and passes it to the billing system for reconciliation. However, some insurance companies don’t use EDI and as the service is typically billed on a per-transaction basis, certain healthcare providers cannot afford to use it.


As a result, many hospitals and physician practices still receive a high volume of paper EOBs. Each one requires a patient finance staff member to open the envelope, go through the document line by line and manually key the information into the billing software, as well as scanning the EOB into the ECM system. For a large organization, this can amount to thousands of hours of work per month, not to mention the redundant effort needed to fix data entry errors that can delay billing.


Shamrock’s EOB capture solution eliminates these issues and bridges the gap between paper-based EOBs and EDI files that many healthcare organizations have. Now, when EOBs comes in, the solution uses advanced OCR to read them and turns the document into an EDI file. This is then automatically sent into the ECM system, while the data is simultaneously passed to the billing software for reconciliation. The newly automated process expedites the revenue cycle, boosts productivity and frees up staff to concentrate on other projects that better utilize their skill set.


With Shamrock Solutions’ batch capture tool, we’re removing the delays and costs of a manual process and enabling organizations to speed throughout. Our EOB capture product helps hospitals speed up reconciliation, eliminate thousands of work hours every month, and do away with data entry errors.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Shamrock Solutions can streamline your organization’s experience, reach out via our contact us page.

Better outcomes for students, faculty, alumni and campus vendors.


As an institution for higher learning, you are challenged to provide best-in-class service in support of people’s futures. The complexities of today’s higher-ed landscape go beyond paperless operation – especially when critical information exists outside of your core systems like SIS, ERP, and CRM. In this experience. It’s possible that you’re not able to access key information that better enables you to make important decisions directly related to the futures you’re helping to create. And if gaps in your processes are slowing your team down – you’re likely suffering the impact of higher stress, poor motivation and a disjointed approach towards your overall mission.


Shamrock Solutions helps to eliminate the negative impact of disjointed processes and applications for your campus. With years of implementation experience in higher education, we can create a level of student communication management, secure file sharing, electronic form creation and custom workflow development that seamlessly connects with your existing systems and applications.


  • Student enrollment software
  • Case management solutions
  • Intelligent data extraction for transcripts
  • Secure, world-class hosting architecture
  • IT infrastructure and support
  • Easy for creation and extraction


If you’d like to learn more about how Shamrock Solutions can help transform your campus’ working experience, reach out via our contact page.

Shamrock Solutions is helping insurance companies speed up processing and elevate the customer experience with its automated claims management solution. In the increasingly competitive insurance market, companies need to utilize technology to create advantages that distinguish them to existing and prospective clients. Yet, many are still processing incoming claims manually as part of a paper-centric process that is fraught with delays.


Shamrock’s new solution tackles this issue head-on, by removing paper and eliminating unnecessary steps in the claims processing workflow. No matter what format claims come in, they’re captured electronically, attached to the relevant customer record and routed to an adjuster for immediate action. Benefits include:


  • Automatic data classification, sorting, and extraction
  • A standardized and automated capture process
  • Elimination of paperwork-related tasks and manual data entry
  • Decreased turnaround time
  • Improved claim tracking, enabling staff to answer customer inquiries more accurately
  • Seamless integration with claims processing software
  • Faster claims resolution
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Ability to handle high volume periods (such as after a storm or natural disaster) without increasing staffing


To schedule a demo of this powerful claims management solution and learn more about Shamrock’s other Business Process Management and Content Services offerings, send us a note via our contact us page.

There’s no question. The political ecosystem has experienced a fundamental shift since the 2016 election. Now more than ever, your actions are under constant scrutiny as your office works to deliver on behalf of your constituents. And with dwindling budgets year over year, every available dollar is needed to advance your most important initiatives.


Shamrock Solutions has experience working with government offices of all sizes to maximize the integrity and workability of their existing systems. Through an integrated discovery and planning process, our team can deliver cutting edge optimizations that address the impact of the problems you’re experiencing with your current processes – all while planning for future innovation and success. Partner with Shamrock Solutions to eliminate paper-based and low-value tasks with tools that connect to your established systems through automation.





  • Public records requests
  • Agenda and minutes
  • Land records
  • Accounts payable
  • Contract & vendor management
  • Human resources
  • Assessor
  • Tax



  • Eligibility determination
  • Client & tenant files
  • Compliance
  • Grant & contract management
  • Child support enforcement
  • Vital records



  • Permitting & licensing
  • Plan review
  • Asset management
  • GIS integration
  • Code enforcement
  • Field inspections



  • Records management
  • Court case management
  • Jail management
  • Probation
  • Public defender
  • Virtual court files


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