Optimize your processes to handle even the most complex caseload and experience total freedom by Shamrock Solutions.


Shamrock Solutions is helping insurance companies speed up processing and elevate the customer experience with its automated claims management solution. In the increasingly competitive insurance market, companies need to utilize technology to create advantages that distinguish them to existing and prospective clients. Yet, many are still processing incoming claims manually as part of a paper-centric process that is fraught with delays.


Shamrock’s new solution tackles this issue head-on, by removing paper and eliminating unnecessary steps in the claims processing workflow. No matter what format claims come in, they’re captured electronically, attached to the relevant customer record and routed to an adjuster for immediate action. Benefits include:


  • Automatic data classification, sorting, and extraction
  • A standardized and automated capture process
  • Elimination of paperwork-related tasks and manual data entry
  • Decreased turnaround time
  • Improved claim tracking, enabling staff to answer customer inquiries more accurately
  • Seamless integration with claims processing software
  • Faster claims resolution
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Ability to handle high volume periods (such as after a storm or natural disaster) without increasing staffing


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