Integration Development and Support

Integration / Development and Support


AP Smart Form

AP Smart FormDesigning and deploying electronic forms from scratch each time is a time-consuming and costly process. That’s why we created a customizable, out-of-the-box e-forms template for one of the departments that typically needs the most e-forms: accounts payable. With it, you can quickly get the e-forms you need to improve data collection and speed processes such as expense reporting and capital requests, without the typical deployment delays and costs.

It’s truly a smart solution to your AP department’s e-forms needs.

ERP Transaction Look Up & E-forms Data Integration

ERP Transaction Look Up & E-forms Data IntegrationIt’s fairly easy for your AP/financials staff members to look up supplier codes, business units, invoice numbers, PO numbers and other invoice-related transaction data in you ERP system (such as JD Edwards, Oracle PeopleSoft, Lawson or Oracle E-Business). But once they find this data, do they have to manually re-enter it into e-forms? If the answer is yes, Shamrock’s going to make your AP team happy. That’s because we’ve developed a script that enables them to look up the transaction data they use daily in the ERP system and make it usable in e-forms. There’s no re-typing and no possibility of human error — it just works. So make your AP group’s day and ask us about this solution.


General Conversions

Convert any legacy document management system from any data source with any file types to usable files within the ECM healthcare solution. With a custom SDK and powerful DLLs we are even able to handle securely embedding annotations from legacy systems as we convert.

Nolij Conversions

Now that Lexmark enterprise software has decided to sunset its Nolij Web product, colleges and universities are coming to Shamrock to migrate their content management platform to the latest versions of Perceptive Content and Experience. For more than 10 years, we’ve partnered with schools like yours across the country to deliver professional services and custom solutions for Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) and supporting products. Our Nolij migration offers:

  • Proven upgrade methodology that gets the new environment up and running quickly
  • Seamless integration of student information (SIS) and business systems into Perceptive Content and Experience
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure everything is working before going live
  • Education for super users and administrators that reduces the learning curve
  • Cost-effective and on-time project management
  • One-on-one support from a dedicated, expert-level professional

Custom Scripting (iScripts)

Duplicate Invoice Alert Script

Sometimes accounts payable/finance departments receive a hard copy of an invoice and begin processing it. They may then receive another copy of the same document via e-mail, fax or another channel. Both versions of the same content can go into the ECM repository and workflow, leading to redundant effort during the matching, vouchering and approving process — and possibly even issuing a duplicate payment to a vendor that later needs voiding. If multiple duplicate payments aren’t caught until the end of the month, quarter or fiscal year, this issue creates added stress at a peak time when employees can least afford to be wasting effort. Luckily for you, help is at hand. Shamrock created a duplicate document script that alerts the appropriate AP/financials staff member as soon as two or more versions of the same invoice appear in your ECM software. This way, one iteration can be securely managed while another is purged, ensuring a hassle free matching, vouchering and approving process. The solution also helps staff avoid redundant effort at month, quarter and year end, and limits risk by preventing duplicate vendor payments.

BI Reporting Script for AP E-Forms

To analyze and report on e-forms data, it needs to be usable. But traditionally it has been difficult to pull information for multiple forms into a database to conduct such multi-document analysis.

For example, maybe you need to compare line items from all forms submitted during February, or you want to analyze how how your costs have gone up for all invoices relating to facilities management. Shamrock’s new BI reporting solution provides this capability for the first time, giving you insight into usable data from as many forms as you need to analyze without user effort.