A company born from passion for solving critical business problems that negatively impact the experience of doing great work.

Our Story

We Are Process Solvers

Shamrock Solutions is all-too-familiar with the negative impact that bad processes can have on a business. Simple tasks take way too much time to complete, data is often unreliable or not up-to-date, and people spend more time stressing about work than they spend doing work.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Our team creates automated digital processes that go beyond the status quo to redefine what’s possible for the workability of your business. Whether by helping you eliminate manual data entry, or creating automated workflows that see people maximizing their full potential – our goal is to always help shape better businesses by creating a better business experience.


Shamrock Solutions helps you solve your most complex business challenges through:


1.  Flexibly capturing and securely storing documents and content
2.  Creating integration between your ERP, EHR, SIS, or system of record  and your unstructured content
3.  Creating paperless workflows
4.  Removing the need to hand key data
5.  Converting paper-based documents into electronic forms
6.  Eliminating repetitive tasks through intelligent automation and robotic process automation
7.  Workstream automation creating task management, workflow, and analytics

Our History

Celebrating 10 years of exciting growth at Shamrock Solutions.

Timeline of Shamrock Solutions' History

Shamrock Solutions has years of implementation and support experience specific to some of the industry’s best software solutions.