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Amerifine Case Study

Improving Business Processes, Upgrading Perceptive Software Systems and Increasing Server Performance


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Several years ago, Amerilife recognized the need to better manage content relating to customers, prospects and internal administrative processes. IT/IS Project Manager William Montefusco had helped select and deploy Perceptive Software Content (formerly lmageNow) at another company, and was involved again in the decision making process at Amerilife. Once the organization had chosen to implement the Perceptive system, he worked with Perceptive Software on Amerilife’s initial install, and everything went well.


But when the organization needed to extend its process and content management solution, Montefusco and his team required a rapid turnaround. For this, they turned to Shamrock Solutions LLC, the leading third-party provider of IT professional services for Perceptive Software solutions, including integration, deployment and expansion offerings. As Shamrock is a member of the official Perceptive Software Partner Network, Montefusco had peace of mind moving forward with the company to meet Amerilife’s needs.


“The Shamrock Solutions team was extremely professional and competent throughout each stage of our Perceptive Software Content scripting development process,” Montefusco says. “They were always on time and within budget, which is something you don’t usually find in this industry.”


Boosting Business Performance with Custom Scripts


The first project that Amerilife entrusted to Shamrock was creating several data manipulation and cleanup scripts that would help drive business process improvement in multiple departments. Some of these scripts automatically rename and restructure files so they can be imported into the Perceptive Software electronic repository more accurately, without user intervention. Others improve the two-way data sharing between Perceptive Software Content and Amerilife’s systems of record, including IBM AS400.


“The scripts that Shamrock Solutions created for Amerilife’s Perceptive system reduced cycle time and streamlined processes in licensing, customer service and new business processing,” Montefusco said. “These scripts also improved data accuracy and removed redundant effort.”

Improving Response Time with Server Tuneup


The next stage of Amerilife’s Shamrock project was a tuneup of the servers that host the Perceptive Software environment. As Amerilife handles a high document volume and must respond to existing and potential clients quickly to maintain a competitive edge, it is essential that the company can retrieve and process content rapidly. To this end, Shamrock ran a series of benchmark tests to assess system performance, and identified several areas that needed improvement.


“With our Perceptive system tuneup, Shamrock addressed pain points we couldn’t solve by going elsewhere,” Montefusco says. “The server changes they recommended helped us improve network performance and application response time, which in turn helped us serve our customers more effectively.”


A Rapid lmageNow Upgrade


With these two aspects of the project successfully completed, Montefusco and his team turned their attention to upgrading their Perceptive Software environment from version 6.4 to 6.6. He called on Shamrock again to manage this important process. Amerilife needs continual access to its client-focused content, so there could be no interruption in service.


“Shamrock revitalized our Perceptive Software test environment and upgraded us from Image Now 6.4 to 6.6 without a hitch,” Montefusco says. “The company delivered on all its promises, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone needing professional services for their Perceptive project.”

``The Shamrock Solutions team was extremely professional and competent...``

Quick Facts:

Customer Focus:
Insurance services


Shamrock Solutions projects:
Custom scripts

• lmageNow upgrade and test environment improvements
• Server tuneup

“Shamrock revitalized our Perceptive Software test environment and upgraded us from lmageNow 6.4 to 6.6 without a hitch. The company delivered on all its promises, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone needing professional services for their Perceptive project.”
William Montefusco
IT/IS Project Manager

The Business Pain Points

  • Data is not always clean or accurate, preventing seamless integration between Perceptive system and third party applications
  • Need to improve test environment and upgrade Perceptive Software Content {lmageNow)
  • Servers that run Perceptive system not running at optimal levels, slowing performance
  • Need an IT professional services partner that can meet aggressive deadlines and keep costs down

Shamrock Solutions

  • Custom scripts enable hands-free transfer of accurate data between system
  • Revitalized the test environment and rapidly upgraded Perceptive solution
  • Server tuneup increased application speed, in turn enhancing business processes and customer service
  • Projects completed on time and within budget

Shamrock Solutions has years of implementation and support experience specific to

some of the industry’s best software solutions.