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Good Samaritan Hospital Case Study

Good Samaritan Hospital is a 408-bed tertiary care facility offering some of the most comprehensive care in Los Angeles. Specializing in cardiac, orthopedic, oncologic, ophthalmologic, and women’s services, Good Samaritan Hospital offers various medical and surgical programs in its centers of excellence.
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Success Story


When Good Samaritan Hospital first chose the Perceptive Content (then ImageNow) enterprise content management system more than a decade ago, Shamrock’s founder and CEO Rob Albright was on the original implementation team.


In the ensuing 10+ years, Good Samaritan has greatly benefited from the faster processes, increased productivity and other advantages that Perceptive Content delivers in administrative and clinical departments. But the hospital’s IS/IT team realized that with so many systems to manage, they needed some extra help with managing their ECM project.


So it was only natural for Good Samaritan to come back to Albright in his capacity as founder and CEO of Shamrock, a leading provider of content services, custom solutions, software, support, professional services and more for ECM, ERP and business systems.


“One of our analysts reconnected with Rob and it soon became clear that Shamrock was the best partner to help us support Perceptive Content going forward,” said Craig Bremner, IS project leader at Good Samaritan.


Connecting Radiology Systems


A successful project that Good Samaritan implemented with Shamrock’s help was in the radiology department, where the hospital needed to simplify and tighten integration with their MEDITECH EHR system.


“The integration between our radiology systems and Perceptive Content used to be very ugly and messy,” Bremner said. “With the help of the Shamrock team, the new way is much smoother and cleaner. We were able to eliminate unnecessary workflow steps and take more advantage of HL7 ADT information flowing into our Perceptive system by using certain events to trigger document flow through and out of workflow.”


After Good Samaritan’s IS/IT team lost their dedicated Perceptive Content administrator, Bremner found himself going into the system to make changes when he received functionality requests from internal customers. The trouble, though, was time.

“When our Perceptive Content administrator left and we weren’t able to find a replacement, I soon realized that I didn’t have the bandwidth to manage the system,” Bremner said. “It would be very difficult to find someone with the required level of expertise, and there would be a steep learning curve.”


“We can’t afford to wait for somebody to get up to speed,” Bremner added. “Shamrock was able to jump in, provide ongoing support and collaborate with my team on specific projects. We’ve also signed a contract for them to do remote administration, as we don’t have the capacity to do it.”


A Proactive ECM Project


One of the benefits that Shamrock provides is that their involvement enables Bremner and his team to focus on other systems and initiatives, while switching from being reactive to proactive in how they manage their ECM system.


“After our Perceptive Content administrator left, we could only react to problems and weren’t able to do much with the system,” Bremner said. “Now that Shamrock has come alongside us, we can make use of their expertise and start looking at new and better ways to use it, without having to add additional resources.”


Today, Perceptive Content is integral to key workflows in a wide range of departments at Good Samaritan, from radiology to scheduling to registration, to name just three. Moving forward, Bremner believes that Shamrock will help the hospital tap into the full potential of the system.
“Perceptive Content makes information available to people when they need it, and it is tied in with our MEDITECH system,” Bremner said. “Shamrock is going to help make the system even more effective and impactful.”


“If we ever had a problem with Perceptive Content they’d be able to fix it, and they’re helping us look to the future with our ECM project,” Bremner said. “They’re responsive and knowledgeable, and we have a very positive relationship.”

``Shamrock is going to help make the system even more effective and impactful.``
Craig Bremner
Information Systems Project Leader

Quick Facts:

Client Focus:

Business Location: 
Los Angeles, Calif.

Shamrock Services + Solutions:
Remote administration, support, workflow, integration and content services

Project Focus: 
Radiology, registration and scheduling

“If we ever had a problem with Perceptive Content they’d be able to fix it…”
Craig Bremner
Information Systems Project Leader

The Business Pain Points

  • Integration between their Perceptive Content system and MEDITECH EHR was “very ugly and messy”
  • After their Perceptive Content administrator left, the IS/IT team found it too difficult and time-consuming to manage the system internally
  • Only reactive changes were made, preventing the hospital from taking full advantage of the system’s benefits

Shamrock Solutions

  • The hospital eliminated unnecessary workflow steps and leveraged HL7 ADT information for automation
  • Shamrock jumped in immediately to provide support, collaborate on projects and provide remote administration services
  • Shamrock helps the hospital plan for and implement new efficiencies that add value to their ECM system

Shamrock Solutions has years of implementation and support experience specific to

some of the industry’s best software solutions.