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Comparing Professional Services Providers


Several years ago, Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) decided to advance its document and workflow strategy by deploying Lexmark enterprise content management software (formerly Perceptive Content). In early 2015, the college’s information technology team decided it was time to take full advantage of the latest features by upgrading to the recently released 7.0 version.


When James Hashley, assistant director of IT at WNCC, began evaluating options for the upgrade, he received an email from a team member
at Shamrock Solutions, a leading third-party provider of professional services and custom solutions for Lexmark ECM software products.
He was considering using the vendor’s in-house professional services group, but was glad to have a second partner option to compare and contrast. So Hashley asked Shamrock to submit a bid for the upgrade. He was pleasantly surprised by the result.


“Compared with the bid from Lexmark, Shamrock’s proposal was absolutely stellar,” Hashley said. “It was not only far more cost-effective, but they could also start right away. Shamrock’s impressive track record in higher education was another key decision point.”


Benefiting From Well-Organized Professional Services


Before starting the go-live phase of their Lexmark ECM upgrade, Shamrock performed a thorough analysis of WNCC’s system and the unique ways in which it is using Lexmark software. Shamrock then worked closely with Hashley and his team to set realistic milestone dates and expectations.
“Shamrock made sure we had all the information we needed when we needed it, and worked hard to understand our goals with Lexmark ECM 7.0,” Hashley said. “I felt comfortable at every stage of the project.”


To ensure a seamless transition to the new version, Shamrock engineers first performed the upgrade in WNCC’s test environment. This gave the IT team the chance to explore some of the new functionality and come back with requests, which Shamrock accommodated before cutting over to the production environment.

“We had quite a few tweaks after testing the new version of Lexmark ECM, and Shamrock was able to do all the customizations we needed,” Hashley said. “We were guided through the process step by step and feel like we were in good hands from start to finish.”


Conducting a Hassle-Free Transition


Coordinating the upgrade of a major system requires organization, planning and cooperation, and WNCC’s IT staff found that Shamrock ticked all three of these boxes when it came to going live with the new iteration of Lexmark ECM.


“We worked with our financial aid office to schedule the upgrade at a convenient time and Shamrock made sure it went smoothly,” Hashley said. “Our project manager also made himself available the next day so that he could respond quickly to questions, which impressed me.”


Following the upgrade, Hashley needed help with a few product glitches in 7.0. Shamrock was able to guide him to the correct support resources at Lexmark, who provided a quick and thorough resolution to these issues.


Looking ahead, WNCC is exploring the possibility of extending Lexmark ECM to other departments and business areas across campus, including transcript processing for transfer students and contracts managing for the purchasing department. As the college extends its ECM footprint, it will likely look to Shamrock for further assistance.


“Based on my positive experience with our upgrade, I’ll definitely keep Shamrock in our plans,” Hashley said. “They’ve given us excellent customer service, and you can’t beat Shamrock on price. They went above and beyond to make our project a success.”

``They’ve given us excellent customer service, and you can’t beat Shamrock on price. They went above and beyond to make our project a success.``
James Hashley
Assistant Director
Information Technology

Quick Facts:

School Location: 

Shamrock Services + Solutions:
Professional services + upgrades

Project Focus: 
Financial Aid

Software Focus: 
Lexmark enterprise content management

“We were guided through the process step by step and feel like we were in good hands from start to finish.”
James Hashley
Assistant Director
Information Technology

The Business Pain Points

  • Wanted to take advantage of new functionality in Lexmark ECM 7.0
  • Professional services options from vendor were not optimal
  • New version required customization to fit their process needs
  • Quick access to support was needed

Shamrock Solutions

  • Found experts dedicated to helping WNCC get the most from the upgrade
  • Shamrock’s services were an ideal fit for their budget and schedule
  • Test environment enabled WNCC to make adjustments along the way
  • Guided quickly through Lexmark’s support process

Shamrock Solutions has years of implementation and support experience specific to

some of the industry’s best software solutions.