Create automated workflows to visualize and identify your best performers increase overall efficiency.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Unique, no code, rapidly deployed solution enables organizations in all industries to solve business process inefficiencies.


Shamrock Solutions introduces its new Freedom Platform – powered by Accelerate. This revolutionary advance in business process optimization promises to revolutionize how companies work by empowering them to design, distribute, prioritize and measure tasks within their various business processes to speed and improve results. Many workflow applications are department-specific, code-heavy, and take months or even years to develop, test and implement. In contrast, the Freedom Platform is the first enterprise, code-free workflow automation tool, which can be up and running in a fraction of the time of traditional options. In fact, users can build workflows in mere minutes, thanks to an intuitive drag and drop feature.


Whether it’s a college, hospital, insurance company or any other organization, every business has multiple workflows, which are comprised of multiple tasks – many of which have multiple components. Previously, most business processes were therefore complicated and reactionary in nature. Now, Freedom Platform offers liberation from the mire of muddled workflows, making them newly lean, agile and responsive. The simplicity of the system and the optimized processes it creates empowers users of any skill level to complete their tasks without prior domain knowledge and to concentrate on the task at hand. This contributes to better load balancing across an organization’s entire staff and makes it easier to handle peak periods, whether these are departmental ones like the end of month and year in accounts payable (AP), or industry-specific such as student application windows at a university.

Shamrock Solutions has been finding ways to help clients run their businesses better. Freedom Platform is a giant leap forward in this mission and puts powerful workflow automation tools at users’ fingertips that they can take advantage of immediately, instead of having to wait for months for a costly ERP suite to be deployed. Everyone’s searching for better process automation, and Shamrock Solutions Freedom Platform can help turn that search into discovery – which speeds up task completion, creates new efficiencies, and transforms how people to their jobs.


With Freedom Platform, companies of any size can eliminate some paper-centric tasks and automate others. The solution includes a robust e-forms tool that can speed and simplify data collection and integration. Removing menial, time-intensive duties empowers personnel to concentrate on value-add tasks that better utilize their expertise.


Other benefits of Freedom Platform include:


  • Clearer visibility into daily operations
  • Unite structured and unstructured data
  • Faster response time
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Enhanced reliability, productivity, and efficiency
  • Improved reporting
  • Measurable outcomes
  • More nimble adaptation to process or task changes
  • Better tracking of document routing, approvals, changes and next steps


Use cases in IT include project and access requests, work orders, and customer service ticketing. In finance, the solution can streamline workflows like purchase requisition, capital requests and contract management. And in healthcare, Freedom Platform can enhance patient administration, information sharing between departments, employee communication and more. Beyond these examples, Freedom Platform can be easily and effectively applied to processes in every business focus area.


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