When the information you need is searchable and accessible using any device, 24-7 – that’s what we call freedom. 

Content Services (ECM)

What are Content Services?

ECM is at the heart of your organization’s process automation. Designed specifically to meet your unique security and process needs, ECM describes the experience by which structured and unstructured content is captured, managed, stored, preserved and delivered – wherever that content lives inside of your organization. From paper documents converted to digitally searchable text to computer-generated data, ECM makes it accessible and workable for your business needs.

Graphic explaining ECM & Content Services.

Using the power of ECM, Shamrock Solutions works to understand the core of your business or organization to determine where and how certain processes can be automated to reduce friction and save time. With ECM, we can help you automate existing paper processes, capture data with better accuracy in less time, streamline interdepartmental collaboration and much, much more.


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