Simplify your processes with intelligent form management.

Form Management

Shamrock Solutions is transforming the way organizations process, approve and complete expense reports. Traditionally, expense reporting is a tedious, time-consuming and paper-based manual process that both employees and back office staff dread. With Shamrock Solutions Forms, it becomes a convenient, fast and paperless workflow.


Using Shamrock Forms, an employee simply logs into a browser-based eForms library and selects “Expense Report.” The form is presented with certain information pre-filled. The staff member simply completes the rest, attaches the relevant receipts and applies a secure digital signature. The eForm and appended receipts are then automatically and electronically routed to the approver, who quickly reviewers and signs the report if there are no issues. It’s then sent to AP for payment, or, if the originator needs to add more information, can be routed back to them. At any point in the process, the employee who submitted the form can check its status. A process that once took days can now be completed in minutes.


Benefits of the unique solution include:


  • Expedite information sharing between employees and the financials team
  • Speed turnaround time and eliminate the delays and hassle of paper-based expense reporting
  • Boost productivity by eliminating paper-related tasks and follow up questions about reimbursement
  • Simplify the frustrating receipt uploading and matching process
  • Improve transparency and tracking
  • Enable real-time reporting to monitor document throughput and other data points
  • Integrate expense reports and receipts seamlessly into the enterprise content management (ECM) systems
  • Update ERP system records using eForms data
  • Enhance auditing and compliance in a defined and repeatable process that’s fully transparent yet secure


With Shamrock Forms, expense reporting becomes a fast, efficient and convenient. For the first time, employees can easily complete and submit their reports and receipts, managers can issue approvals in seconds and the financials team no longer has to deal with a big stack of paperwork.


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