Vertical Expertise

Vertical Expertise


In healthcare, the three main benefits of technology are improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and complying with current regulatory and security requirements. Your content management software helps you achieve these aims, but what if it could deliver even more? More speed. More security. More integration. With Shamrock’s custom solutions for content management, it can. Keep reading to see how our offerings complement your ECM software. If you’ve thought of a different potential use for your system, chances are we can build it. Contact us today and let’s get started.

  • Healthcare Tune-Up
  • Healthcare Interoperability
  • Healthcare Records Exchange
  • Content Modeling
  • Advanced BI Solutions
  • Key PHI Auto-Redaction
  • At Rest File Encryption


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Higher Education

Your school made the right choice in purchasing an enterprise content management system. But what if you could get even more than you thought from your ECM system in student-focused and administrative departments? More speed, more value and more features, all of which can benefit your students, faculty and staff? You can with Shamrock Solutions. Check out the following solutions and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today and see how our ECM architects can meet your needs.

  • Registration / Admissions Solutions Specialists
  • Retention Management
  • Advanced BI Solutions
  • Hosted Solution
  •  Conversions


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Accounts Payable

Accounts PayableSuccess in AP depends on fast turnarounds and efficient processes. Selecting ECM software is a giant step toward achieving this for any AP department. But what if you could get even more out of your process and content management solution, improving data capture and exchange, bolstering document security and further optimizing processes? You’d save time and money, and reduce risk. These are just some of the benefits that Shamrock’s custom solutions for ECM systems in AP provide. Not seeing a solution you need? Then contact us today and let our team of experienced ECM architects create a custom offering to solve your business pain point.

  • PICI (Intelligent Capture for Invoices)
  • AP SmartForm
  • BI Reporting Script for AP E-Forms
  • Content Model Integration
  • Duplicate Invoice Alert Script
  • ERP Transaction Look Up & E-forms Data Integration
  • Approval Processing / Automation


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Human Resources / Back Office

Human Resources To meet the needs and expectations of applicants and staff members from across your enterprise, your HR team needs to squeeze every ounce of speed and value out of your ECM software. That’s exactly what Shamrock’s range of custom solutions provide, enabling you to achieve deeper integration between your HRM and process and content management applications, make more informed hiring decisions and add a layer of security to personnel files. Do you have a challenge that none of the following options address? Then contact our team of ECM architects today and they’ll build you the solution you need.

  • At Rest File Encryption
  • AI Bridge
  • Content Model Integration
  • Document Deficiency Tracking
  • Employee Folder Creation (Automation)
  • Contracts Management Script
  • And More…


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